Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver
Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver
Fortune 900 Offset Printing Specialty
Cheapest Color Flyer in Vancouver
Color Brochure Printing in Vancouver
Cheapest Postcard Printing in Vancouver
247 RUSH Booklet / Document Printing in Vancouver
CheapestNewsletter Printing in Vancouver

Fortune 900 Print offers
the Cheapest Printing
and Color Flyer

in Metro Vancouver
( 24/7 RUSH Printing available )






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We offer the
Cheapest On-line
Flyer / Printing / Copies

500 pc. starting from $ 65
2 -3 days offset / digital, letter size 
factory printed in
*** Price Subject to change without Notice ***




they can be pickup at our
Print Pickup Centre
 in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver Downtown -
- Burnaby Metrotown,
Richmond - YVR Airport,
Valley - Surrey - Langley

    (Contact us for Details)


Color Printing / Flyer / Copies Product

Cheapest and Fastest Poster at Fortune 900 Print   Cheapest and Fastest Document Printing at Fortune 900 Print   Cheapest and Fastest Flyer Printing at Fortune 900  
   Poster,    Document,  Color Flyer

Cheapest Brochure Printing at Fortune 900 Print Cheapest Oversize Printing at Fortune 900 Print
Large Brochure, and                           

                     24” wide Oversize Printing


Are you in a
Late Nite Rush ?



we also offer a special
24/7 RUSH Printing Service
Rush Delivery Service Available


Contact us:
Sales: 604-737-2088
Main Pickup: 1285 West Broadway
Vancouver BC

See our Main Page for other Pickup Location
Vancouver Downtown - Broadway -
Burnaby - Metrotown
Richmond - YVR Vancouver Airport
Surrey - Langley


What is Color Printing ?

Color Printing is Prints done by Offset
Printing or by Digital Press. They have
gained popularity in the business world
How do we produce the fastest
Color Printing and Color Flyer at the
lowest price and at High Quality
in Vancouver?

This is our Commercial Secret, but
1. On-line / factory Print Operation
2. Print Pickup Centre
3. Reduction of Expensive Retail Rent
Counter Persons, and walk-in copiers
idling contribute to our cost cutting.


What is Color Flyer ?

Color Flyer is printing used for
advertising, marketing
sale and distribution.

Printed on premium / glossy paper
Flyer is the most versatile
form of paper advertising
We can handle all your
high volume flyer needs, including
folding, bundling &
Canada Post Admail Preparation


What is Color Copy ?

Color Copy is light-duty printing. 
They are mainly produced on copiers,
but ‘High Volume’ Copies may be
produced on heavy duty Digital
Press or Offset Printing.

Copying may mean Junior Printing,
but does not mean Bad Printing.
It’s just lighter duty
, and have less
requirement.  (or less ink or color
consistency and less registration). 
This is because most of the
Copying Machine used in Junior
Copy Shops are not as sophisticated
as the Large Heavy Duty Digital Presses.
(sort of like a junior car, great in City, good on gas,
but not good enough to do SNOW or Highway driving,
or carrying heavier loads)