Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver
Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver
Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver
Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver

Fortune 900 Print Specialty:
24/7 RUSH Printing and
the cheapest on-line Printing

Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver


Fortune 900 - Cheapest Printing in Vancouver

Pickup Centre
in Metro Vancouver

Wholesale /
Trade Printing
(+ Charity Non-Profit)


Digital Printing with Heidelberg Equipment

Cheapest / Fast Printing
How do we produce them ? *

We Called it Cross Platform Technology
Our unique Commercial printing factory is
equipped with both
Offset printing and premium Digital Press,
ALONG WITH “experienced” Pressman
to produce Premium Print Products not easily
produced by other Junior Copy Shops.
So every Print Factory used Experience Staff,
What’s our Difference. ?

Ours focus on making Cheaper Printing
while other factories focus on
“Service” from Commissioned Staff,
“Faster”, “More Jobs” or ”Higher Volume”

You can’t produce CHEAPER PRINTING
without COMPROMISING on something else
so we cut out many
Unnecessary Overheads ($$$) to

on-line operation help us cut a big chuck out of
“Expensive Rent” and “Counter Service”,
(which is easily $50 on every job)
* This editoral is designed for end-user only

Heidelberg Offset Printing

Cheapest “On-line”

Color Printing
   500 Color Printing *      from  $ 65

1,000 Color Printing *   from $ 125
    25 (minimum) *          from  $ 25
*** Price Subject to change without Notice ***

*printed on bond paper, 8.5x11 letter size, 1 side
on-line order with PDF file only price based on 1-3 days production, single original for 1 side, 2 original for 2 side,
Glossy paper upgrade, bleeding, folding / bindery, multiple originals, faster same / next day available at extra cost. Job may be Offset or Digital Printed based on Production Scheduling



Offset and Printing Products



Print Pickup Centre
for easy pickup in
Metro Vancouver

Easier access / availability / Convenience
to Better Quality Boutique Printing Products
WITHOUT PAYING for expensive OverHead Cost
* contact us for Details






Customers want Buying Convenience,
so they just go to the corner store around them. 
Then they complain about their poor (Junior) Print Quality.

Sometimes its not the little shops’ fault, they are light duty copy shops with HUGE Overhead Expense (High Rent and High Salary Counter Person, Spare Copier waiting for you to show up, no Heavy Duty Printing Equipment and
(with less convenient access).

We have a creative solution: Just like Smaller Bank Branch ... we built smaller Print Centre at convenient Locations in Metro Vancouver, to produce smaller print jobs, and customer can pickup from our customer reps at your convenience without the hazzle of driving across town.  The heavy duty print jobs are still produced in our big press room, after all, professional printing is a manufacturing business, and need to be done on heavy duty printing machines, and not on little copies.

This is not new to us, we starting doing it since
2009 - 2010, just not doing it extensively.  (Our customer reps continue to provide VIP service to Corporate Accounts) 
Another bonus to our regionalization system: since the printing needs are different in different area in the city (eg. Downtown and Langley and University district all have different printing needs, by product, by volume, and speed), our regional marketing representative can help look after the special needs catered to his own business region, and provide better service to different neighourhoods


My other printer has FREE Shipping?
Sorry - nothing is Free
, it’s built into the Job somehow ... you just don’t see it on the bill

By comparison, We ship multiple packages to our centre so
customers share a portion of the shipping cost
eg.  pay ‘below’ $5 per package
Shipping a single package to your business address: $25
convenience corner copy shop need $50
(Much higher rent and extra counter person,
high salary, low productivity . . )

Print Pickup Centre all over
Metro Vancouver

the biggest Print Centre Network in Vancouver
Broadway, Downtown Vancouver,
Burnaby Metrotown,
YVR Airport - Richmond,
Valley - Surrey - Langley,

* some locations operated by affiliates, shipping charge may applied



247 Rush
Printing Service




Designed for
Traveling Business Professional
and Local Business 
we tackle the toughest Business Document Printing Needs.

After Fedex Kinkos (r) closed off all their 24
Canadian / Vancouver “24 Hour Print Shop Operation”, There’s no more overnight printing support in Vancouver for
After Hours Printing.


247 printing for Business Traveller    24 hour printing for Marketing Team


We came up with an idea:
  24/7 Online Print and Copy Service for most of
Metro Vancouver area

Our Service include Heavy Duty / High Capacity Digital Printing from simple copies (minimum req.),
presentation material, to professional booklets
on premium Recycled Paper and
“Thick” Card Stock Printing up to 13 x 24 inch*

* services may be provided by experienced partners and affiliates that come with a minimum qualification of 15 years of “Pressroom” Hands-on Production and Graphics Experience or former Night Shift Experts 

Due to the complexity in supporting the entire Metro Vancouver - stretching from West Van to Langley, some products and availability may varies from time to time.





Our Night Shift is managed by
they carry 15 + years of Printing Experience
to handle your VIP Printing Needs.
we don’t monkey around with JUNIORS,
your job has to be DONE RIGHT,

We do RUSH Delivery to anywhere in
Metro Vancouver

(additional Rush Charge)

ps.  we also do personal
printing and copying work,
on ‘as available’ courtesy basis,
minimum charge applied
(Sorry, No PORNs or
sensitive personal stuff !!)


Contact us:
Sales: 604-737-2088
Main Pickup: 1285 West Broadway
Vancouver BC


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